Circus Birthday Party Ideas

Do your children love when the circus is in town? Do they have a favorite amongst the acrobats, the animals and the clowns? If so then a Circus birthday party may be perfect for their next birthday. It is fun and easy to do and will create lasting memories for them.

The invitation is the first thing your party guest will see so set the mood with them. You can inflate balloons, write the party details on them with a marker, deflate, place in an envelope and mail to your guests for a unique invite. Or use cardboard popcorn boxes as the invitation with the details written on the side.  If you want to go the extra mile hand deliver them filled with popcorn.

Decorate your party space to look like a circus tent. Get some red and white crepe paper streamers and hang them from a central point in the ceiling to make the Big Top. Balloons are found at every circus so use them liberally as a decoration. Search for calliope circus music on CD to play during the party.

Have some circus based activities for your guests to participate in. Set up craft tables where they can make their own clown collar out of felt, pompom, and jingle bells. Alternately they can create a clown hat out of felt or paperboard by wrapping it into a cone. Have crayons, pompoms or markers at the ready so that they can decorate them.

A circus birthday party is perfect for hiring an entertainer to get your party moving. A clown or balloon artist would be perfect. Or you can let your guests try their hand at creating balloon animals. Face painting is the perfect complement to this type of party. You can get your party guests moving by renting a bounce house.

A birthday party is not complete without some party games. Engage your party guests with pin the nose on the clown, a water balloon toss, and a spoon and egg relay. 

The perfect menu for a circus birthday party is foods that you find at a circus, such as hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, and snow cones. A local party rental is sure to be able to help you rent a cotton candy machine. Complete it all with a clown shaped birthday cake. Make two round cakes, one is the clown’s head and cut the other into a cone shape for the hat. Put them together on a cake board, frost and decorate. 

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