Create a Yarn Wig

Your outfit can be completely altered with the addition of a wig. There’s no need to pay too much for these. Other party-goers will do a double-take when you enter the room and will never guess that you have created your own inexpensive yarn wig by following these simple instructions.

First, you must prepare the hat. It is important to properly size your hat before beginning to make the yarn wig. You will need to fold the brim of the hat if it covers your eyebrows. There is no need to worry or fret over this. This folded section won’t be visible beneath the wig’s bangs.

Your yarn should, as nearly as possible, match your hat. This ensures, if you run out of yarn, it won’t be as noticeable. You should blend the hat and yarn colors together. You want the colors in your yarn to match the colors in your hat so either choose individual skeins or one multicolor piece of yarn with similar colors to those in your hat. Lastly, remove any tassels, pompoms, or other types of accessories from the hat. It is required to be absolutely bare for a wig to come out of it.

With the wig you will need to measure the length. The next move is to figure out the length of the yarn wig hair. Find a pillow that measures about the same length as your shoulders if that is where you want the hair to reach. A quick solution for this is to use a decorative sofa pillow. Make sure the yarn starts and stops on the same side of the pillow, then wrap the pillow about 30 times. Clip a piece of yarn off the skein. Get a piece of cardboard in preparation for your bangs (around five to seven inches) repeat as for the longer hair, wrapping it a minimum of thirty times, and securing it at the top. You should generally need three to four bundles for the bangs in your yarn wig.

Fasten your strands of yarn. Once you’ve measured the desired amount of hair, it is time to fasten it together. Clip off a short scrap of yarn, about five or six inches. With all of the yarn that is wrapped around it place it under the edge of the pillow. Use a double-knot to fasten both of the strands. Place this tie at the end opposite the two loose ends of yarn where you started and stopped. From the opposite side to where you just finished tying the string, you will cut through every yarn loop at the bottom of the strands. You will want your strands to be the same length. In the same fashion, make at least 10 more when you remove the first bundle from the pillow.

Adorn your hat with the bundles. You will start to notice your yarn wig take shape at this point. Draw a chalk line around the crown of your hat going all the way to the brim. Next place the crochet hook or safety pin just above the line you just marked slightly to the left of the hat. Hold one end of the yarn you used to tie the bundle, and drag it through your hat. The same thing is to be done for the other short piece of yarn, pulling it through on the other side of your chalk line this time. Tie the two short strings together using a double knot on the inside of your hat.

Add the bundles all along the peak of your cap, ensuring that no area looks exposed. At the front of your hat, the yarn that will represent your bangs should be attached to the chalk line. Your wig will be finished after the strands have been cut to an appropriate length and affixed.

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